Our rooms at a glance

    Week day Peak season
Hill 1 nrs 1, 2, 11, 12, 20 Rp. 125.000,= Rp. 200.000,=
Hill 2 nrs 7, 8, 21 Rp. 150.000,= Rp. 250.000,=
Beach nrs 24-27, 53 Rp. 250.000,= Rp. 400.000,=
Hill nrs 6, 9, 10, 55-60 Rp. 275.000,= Rp. 450.000,=
Beach nrs 15, 40/41, 42-49 Rp. 350.000,= Rp. 600.000,=
Hill nrs 3, 4, 5 Rp. 300.000,= Rp. 550.000,=
Beach nrs 18, 19, 22, 23, 28-39, 52, 54 Rp. 450.000,= Rp. 1.000.000,=
Family nrs 50, 51 Rp. 1.000.000,= Rp. 2.000.000,=
Extra bed
    Rp. 75.000,= Rp. 150.000,=

Map of Carolina Cottages and Hotel

Carolina map
Click on the map to view it in more detail.

View of the spectaculair garden of Carolina Cottages and hotel
The beautifully landscaped gardens of Carolina Cottages are a pleasure to the eyes and inviting to wander around.

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• All rates are for double occupation
• All rates are inclusive of tax and service
• Extra bed: Rp. 75.000,- (weekends / peak season: Rp. 150.000,-)
• Continental breakfast: Rp. 30.000,- per person
• Lunch / dinner: Rp. 60.000,- per person
• Rates are subject to change without prior notice

Our customers

7th july 2008:
EarlyBird97, Berlin, Germany


Hotel Carolina is by far the best place to stay on Tuk Tuk. It has the best location, set on the corner on the hill with majestic views of the lake. It has easily the best swimming area, set against a magnificent landscaped garden. The bungalows are all batak style with balcony and beautiful traditional carvings, but unlike other places, no rusty old roofs. No wonder the only photos in the Lonely Planet of the whole of Sumatra are of Carolina.

The hotel also has all the facilities you would need - cheap fast internet, mountain and motorbike hire (for cheaper than outside), massage, etc.

The service was excellent. Lake Toba is not exactly buzzing with tourists these days, and they seemed to have at least 2 staff for every guest. Every morning I would get up, go for a swim and be served fresh tropic fruit for breakfast as I emerged from the water. Fantastic. It's no wonder that despite the graveyard feel to the rest of Tuk Tuk, Carolina is always well patronised.

And finally, the best part - I had a nice bungalow right at the top of the hill with magnificent views, completely private and secluded for the incredible price of only 2 Euros! I have stayed cheaper in India, but that was a prison cell.

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